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    This game is a continuation of a series of games about beach volleyball. This version was created using NVIDIA PhysX and is fully 3D. Using of NVIDIA PhysX helps to completely simulate the physics of the game (the elasticity of the ball, the force of friction, gravity, etc.), it makes every game unique, but what really there, every kick of the ball. Furthermore simulated the wind, the existence of which affects the behavior of the ball.
    - NVIDIA PhysX engine;
    - 3 difficulty levels, each is different by ball behavior and skill of the enemy;
    - Fully customizable game interface (the player is available to change the position of the buttons on the screen);
    - Broad options available (the level of difficulty, the wind, the color of the player, the sound, the music, ball selection, the maximum score, the position of the buttons on the screen);
    - Multiplayer is available in Full Version;
    - Game referee is an android ;)
    Our studio tried maximally consider recent trends in the gaming industry and give the old game a new life.

    tags: sport, volleyball, beach, paradise, rest, sun, arcade, cool, HD, 2.3, 3, unity

    Tags: physics of volleyball , volleyball 3d games

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