Widdly Tinks




    Toss your Tinks at the Widdlies. Easy Peasy.

    Widdly Tinks is a simple, physics-based arcade game. You score points by tossing your Tinks onto wobbling, tipping, and swinging targets.

    Hit a Widdly too hard? It might fall over. Land too many Tinks on one side? The board might tip, spilling all of your precious points. Oh noes!

    The entire game is driven by a realistic physics simulation - so every time you play the challenge will be slightly different. Use the balance and motion of each Widdly to discover new high scoring techniques.

    + Easy to pick up and play, difficult to master
    + 9 Widdlies to test your skills
    + Colorful, abstract designs
    + No violence, kid friendly
    + No special permissions, ads, or in-app purchases.

    This is my first Android app. I'm giving it away in hopes of gathering feedback on the game. I'd love to hear what you think. Visit my Brain Blinks website to leave feedback or play my other games.

    I made the game with Tablets in mind, but it should also play well on many phones.The game is designed to be played in Portrait mode. Landscape mode is enabled, but you'll get a much better view in Portrait mode.

    Have fun tossin' those Tinks!

    - Don Whitaker

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