Wolves and Wool Free




    Wolves and Wool are a bit like Angry Birds. But here you throw packages over a scene with wolves and lambs. You mission is to kill the wolves without harming the lambs.
    You do this by shooting in the right direction (but to the left in the game), trigger the parachute at the right moment and then trigger the package near the wolves. There are plenty of different packages in the game, for example: fireworks, granaths, multiple flamethrowers, pillows and others.

    Wolves and Wool is fun and relaxing. You can always repair a bad shoot with a different triggering of the parachute. If you still did a bad shoot you can just leave the packages and it will be a dud and no harm done.

    Wolves and Wool Free includes 3 scenes with 3 levels each. In the full version you will get 45 levels.

    This is a new game so please rate and write reviews. Please let us know so we can improve the game.

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