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    Published: 2013-01-14, by .

    Zip Zap merges two genre: tower defense and shooting genre

    • Nice app concept
    • Great graphics
    • Intuitive controls
    • Single/Multiplayer game mode
    • Nothing special

    "Protect your spaceship"

    Actually, it reminds space invaders in some regards. Well, you embody Zip and Zap, space kids who have to protect their ship from an asteroid gravitational field. They'll keep them away thanks to a hoverboard and a protection field surrounding the kids. Thus, asteroids will explode when touching that field. Drive the kids towards them and keep the asteroids away from ship's hull. Use power-ups to top your highest score.

    There are two different game modes: single and multiplayer. In single mode you compete against yourself. You can share your scores and unlock tons of achievements on online leaderboards provided by OpenFeint. There are two types of multiplayer game mode: versus and co-op. Zip and Zap playing against each other or collaborating to protect their spaceship.

    3D graphics are cool, not stunning though. Controls are easy to master: just touch the screen when you want to send Zip or Zap and touch power-ups to send them.

    An entertaining game for those space shooting freaks. Recommendable.

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    by Emmanuel , Appszoom

    Jan 14, 2013


    Play as space kids Zip and Zap, protecting their ship from an asteroid field. Armed with invincible energy shields, bash everything that moves to collect points and earn combos. Zip Zap is a challenging tap-to-move survival game with hours and hours of replay value. It’s addictive fun for all ages and any skill level.

    Official Website:

    * Free to download
    * Ads disappear when you buy or win your first upgrade
    * Win free coins by playing every day
    * Use power-ups to top your high score
    * Play co-op or versus multiplayer on your device
    * Earn tons of achievements with OpenFeint support
    * Zip Zap's leaderboard will have you playing non-stop!

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