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    Published: 2012-06-05, by Ana Gracia.

    Fly over cities, infect them and upgrade all your aircraft in this great action game

    • Really well designed, excellent graphics
    • Great gameplay, lots of features
    • Fun and addictive

    "The Zombie Aviator"

    Zombie Ace is a complex action game where zombie pilots are the main characters and travel fast to every destination across the States.

    For flying up, tap on the screen, release your finger to glide down and press longer so as to fly higher. You will face some obstacles which will slow you down and knock the zombies off. In addition, you can attack other aircrafts by tapping on them and also collect your zombies so as to earn coins. As the main objective is to infect other cities, you will have two options: landing in a city to drop passengers off and infect it or keep flying.

    On every level, you will have a series of missions to accomplish and you will be able to customize your aircraft and upgrade it. There's no doubt that this game is amazingly designed with a really well-developed gameplay that never stops improving and adding new features.

    Hothead Games is the developer of Zombie Ace, a really complete game that we feel should be more popular. It has also other games like Big Win Soccer, Hockey and other casual apps. Don't miss it.

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    by Anna , Appszoom

    Jun 05, 2012


    Come fly the deadly skies in Zombie Ace!

    These undead pilots guarantee fast service to 14 destinations across the United States of America. When you need to infect the next city fast, trust a Zombie Ace to get you there!

    * Infect the zombie plague across 14 U.S.A. cities
    * Choose from 5 different Zombie Ace pilots
    * Upgrade your plane with better wings, faster engines and more fuel
    * Battle with enemy Jet Fighters, Attack Choppers, Bombers, and Tanks
    * Test your skills flying through Lightning Storms or avoiding attacks from Giant Killer Robots and other hazards!
    * Complete 100 missions to rank up and earn rewards
    * Play Brain Scratcher tickets to win more prizes between flights

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