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    Zombie Encounter - Tap to Kill

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    Kill, smash and encounter deadly Zombies! Tap to kill these annoying little zombies and complete your revenge. It’s time to get rid of them. Tap to avenge your honor. Zombie Encounter is the real deal!

    Backstory: Zombies have evolved, a race of heinous monsters has occupied your town. They are everywhere. Zombies want to capture your streets, fields, house, dining room and everything. They have grown in number, and you have to kill zombies before they kill you. Now it’s time for some old fashioned zombie killing, zombie slashing and zombie bashing. Now it’s time for zombie action, zombie vs human, who will win?

    How to play?
    - Resume the role of human savior, tap to kill, reflex is the name of the game.
    - Way too many zombies? No worries, help shall be in your way! Use amazing power ups such as bombs & saw. Slash and slice
    - Tap to kill various types of zombies. Regular zombies are deadly, but a little slow, you can kill them with a blow. Then there are fast zombies, annoying little buggers, be smart and fast to get them. Fat zombies will not get down easily, hit them a number of times to make them go down. Then you have the deadly Knight Zombies, they aren’t going down with a mere blow. Use your deadly weapon to unarm them, and then kill them with wrath. Use your fireball, bomb and saw to kill them.
    - You can tap to kill, but be smart and throw fireball at your zombies. Throwing fireballs charges the electric shock. Electric shock lets you burn zombies to death with one click, it’s a brutal recipe for zombie genocide.
    - Collect the zombie Skulls and use them to purchase cool weapons. Keep an eye for the Skeleton zombies, skeleton zombies are providers of Skull. Kill them and collect skulls to advance with better and cooler weapons.
    - Zombies have a habit to stick together, at times they will come together under the protection of a coffin. Break the coffin and smash zombies to death.
    - In the Survival Mode, the task is to protect the human remains- eye, leg, flesh, brains etc. Zombies will be coming from every different direction, be a multi-tasking zombie slasher and protect your domain.
    - In the Battle Mode, zombies will march in the city with vengeance and fury. You will have to lead a team of saviors and kill the zombies. Tap to kill them, don’t let the zombies to kill your saviors. Use your fireball, use the bomb the blast zombie, use the saw to slash. If those aren’t enough, use your electric shock to burn and electrocute the zombies back to hell.

    - Two different modes, Survival & Battle. Fight for glory!
    - Various weapons and power ups to choose from such as saw, bomb, shield etc.
    - Fantastic Upgrade options to muscle up against the infestation
    - Win exciting Rewards and honorable Achievements
    - Tap gallantly & multiply your score exponentially
    - Enjoy the company of friendly characters and receive loads of gifts
    - Amazing gameplay & user interface
    - Easy to play, FUN & Addictive!
    - Appropriate for a great family entertainment

    Have loads of fun folks!

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