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    Published: 2013-03-11, by Peter Warrior.

    Kill zombies both FPS and TPS

    • Different kinds of thrilling missions
    • Long, concise tutorial
    • Lots of options, a very complete game
    • Some lag issues and controls are quite brusque

    "World War Z"

    Well, you know how it works: a casual virus outbreak raised dead from their graves early in the morning and before the evening episode of the Simpsons ended, mankind was at stake, fighting against a horde of several billion zombies. And you are the last female on Earth (honestly, I didn't understand that part of the plot at all, perhaps owing to a failed translation) and have to lead you fellow mates to retake what's left of the Earth.

    Missions take multiple forms. Sometimes you'll be aboard a chopper machine-gunning zombies below, while other missions need to snipe and others put you in the front line along your team to fend off zombies in close quarters combat. Missions just take two or three minutes at most, so it's a nice game to be enjoyed on the bus. Between stages you have to build buildings in somehow a simplified version of a management game, keeping in mind that new buildings mean new upgrades and further recruitment options. Buildings are built thanks to resources, namely jewels, acquired in combat by headshots (weapons have a "luck" value to help you so)

    Game's worth by its offline solo campaign, but there's an online mode called World Mode with both cooperative and competitive missions, so we can perfectly talking about an everlasting game. Graphics aren't topnotch, but guarantee a smooth performance on medium-end devices. It supports different languages.

    Overall, very complete game, with lots of options and things to do (for example, kill zombies), in exchange for some ads here and there and optional in-app purchases to buy premium currency. I wouldn't venture to say it's the best zombie game on Earth, but it's highly recommendable because of its completeness.

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    by Peter , Appszoom

    Mar 11, 2013


    A war of 7 billion people to protect the honor of their countries broke out! Join the world war of 7 billion people where people fight under the banner of their national flag every 7 days! Cleanse the earth that has been contaminated with zombie viruses and stop the endless attacks from other teams! The champion of the great war of 7 billion people! It could be you.

    It’ new! It’s big! No comparison to other games can be allowed!
    Gone are the days of PC shooting game! The age of mobile shooting game has arrived!
    You are the last female warrior of the human kind! You are given the critical mission of creating your own team of warriors to save the earth that has been infected with zombie viruses and build a new world. Reconstruct the city that has been destroyed! Raise your own army! Form an alliance! Win the great war of 7 billion people!
    If you want to save the world from zombies, choose the Scenario mode. If you want to become a victor in the war of 7 billion people, choose the World mode.

    [Game Characteristics]
     War of 7 billion people where each player joins the war under her country’s flag.
     A war takes places every 7 days and the winning team receives award money
     Award money is given to the champion every week, one in 7 billion.
     Country and individual ranking where pride of a nation is at stake
     No waiting! Automatic matching system allows players to enjoy party-play anytime and anywhere.
     Hit it back immediately when you get hit! Revenge system! A bullet of vengeance to those who dare to attack me!
     Creating your own troop using the troop development system of my own.
     Arm yourself with several dozens of weapons and defensive tools.
     Done with simple bullets! A variety of missions is waiting for you to take on.
     Do you want to have diverse war experiences? Ride a helicopter and humbie and defeat the zombies!

    1. Levels, items and game data in the World and Scenario modes are run independently and separately. (The stars you earned in the World mode will be exchanged to cash or gold in the Scenario mode.
    2. The World mode requires network connection.
    3. Share your alliance code via SNS if you want to get more alliances.

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