Zombie Mob Defense




    Save your city from the perils of a sudden Zombie Mob attack in over 40 wacky levels!

    Officially supported handsets: (HTC A8181,HTC ADR6330VM,HTC Bravo,HTC Desire,HTC DesireHD,HTC DesireS,HTC DesireZ,HTC Incredible,HTC IncredibleS,HTC NexusOne,HTC PD98120,HTC PI46110,HTC Saga,Huawei S7,LG E730,LG P920,LG P970,LG P990,LG Victor,Samsung GalaxyS,Samsung I9000, Samsung I9001,Samsung I9003,Samsung I9020NexusS,Samsung I9023,Samsung I9100,Samsung I997,Samsung Seine,Samsung i405,ZTE OrangeSanFrancisco,ZTE P743T,ZTE Skate)

    Fend off more than 8 different abominable Zombie Mobs with cool weapons such as a Plasma Cannon, Ray Gun and more! Use different tactics and strategy to arm your elite zombie busting units with superior weapons. Evolve level-by-level with distinct upgrades and become the ultimate Zombie Mob Defense force!

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