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    How to play:
    -You must start the night in front of the house each night, by clicking "Start Night" when prompted.
    -As this is in testing all guns are unlocked and ammo can be found in front of the house where you spawn.
    -To switch weapons swipe right on the top right icon of the weapon to switch to your next weapon, and swipe left to switch to your previous weapon.
    -Zombies only spawn after you start each night and you must kill all of them to end the night and return to the day.
    -Score is determined by how many nights you survived(for now).
    -Press the back button for options.
    -Notice: This game is in beta so there may be bugs, to report bugs please go to to post your feedback and suggestions.

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    Have a suggestion? Join the discussion at and share your ideas. This isn't being developed by a big company. It's just me and I'll be on the forums to hear your suggestions.

    The main goal in Zombie Nights is to last as many nights and collect as much money as you can before the zombies get you. You start in your fort where you must return after each day to prepare for the night. The zombies come out at night and can be found in the city, you must kill a certain number of zombies in order to remain safe and end the night. Between nights you are able to purchase more weapons, ammo, supplies, and heal yourself before you start the next night. You are able to purchase ammo during the nights however it will be more expensive.

    Zombie Nights survival first person shooter game.

    Coming Soon - Features:
    -Weapon Unlock System
    -Deployables (turret, etc...)
    -New Weapons(Molotov's, Assault Rifles ... )
    -Optional rescue missions
    -Zombie Escape Mode

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