Zombie Stoner




    Enjoy the crack of smashing Zombie skulls? Then Zombie Stoner is for you!
    How many Zombies can you kill before your time runs out? Set in a dark back alley, Zombies are trying to get through the barricade so it's up to you to stop them. Watch out for your fellow humans, they need help but they are just going to slow you down. These Zombies are pissed off and motivated so kick in that primal instinct and keep nailing these guys before your energy runs out. It's survival of the fittest. Stay sharp and keep stoning those Zombies.

    Good're gonna need it.

    Addictive and skillful game that will provide you with hours of entertainment through endless levels.

    * SD Card Support
    * HeyZap Compatibility

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    Tags: kill zombies in the dark

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