Zombie West




    Build an awesome town in the Wild West--and then defend it against the relentless ZOMBIE HORDES!

    It’s the year 1850. Zombies have overrun the world, and people are scattered, terrified. In this apocalyptic scenario, you are in charge of the last town in the West. The fate of humanity is now in your hands: Build your town to attract survivors and create a human settlement on the western frontier. And then saddle up for a face-off against the zombies!

    Zombie West is a FREE game that combines city-building with thrilling gun battles for a last stand against the zombies!

    Unique Game Features:
    1) Choose when to fight an oncoming zombie wave!
    2) Two-fold soundtracks for two different modes of gameplay.
    3) Design your town to position all the buildings for that perfect defense against the zombies!
    4) Attract surviving humans by constructing buildings in the town.
    5) Take on fun missions to help the eccentric townsfolk: Watch Dixie Belle get all flirty!
    6) Build up the economy by harvesting crops, and operating businesses.
    7) Fight different types of zombies and earn rewards.
    8) Share your achievements and progress with friends on Facebook.
    9) Unlimited play for FREE

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