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    Published: 2012-05-24, by Peter Warrior.

    Get rid of zombies by swiping them.

    • 4 game modes
    • Fun graphics and awesome soundtrack
    • Absolute fun
    • It may become a little bit tiring.
    • Some kind of strategy would be appreciated.

    "Leave my property!"

    ZombieSmash could be considered something halfway slicing and active-defense games. Your home is at the middle of the screen and zombies will arrive shuffling from both sides. Whenever you tap on a zombie you can drag him and throw him to his utter death, as if you were a lammergeier hunting sheeps high in the mountains. As this point and drag combat system will soon prove to be unuseful, you will get upgrades to improve your performance. There are thirty or so of them and besides grenades and such, they are quite creative, such as windmills, nitrogen and bouncing huge bricks. Likewise, slow rotten zombies will yield to faster and tougher foes.

    Every time you kill a zombie (is it a pleonasm?) his soul, in the form of a star, flies away to let you catch it and exchange it for upgrades. Campaign mode only has 31 days (a stage per day, it's featured as a calendar), though there's an alternative campaign with 30 more. Anyway, replayability is assured, as there are 'siege' (survival) mode, 'sandbox' (fun for fun's sake) mode and 'bonus nights' mode (creative combo playing).

    Don't forget to pay attention to the wonderful soundtrack. You don't need to know anything about zombie survival to enjoy this game, which is indeed a great, great game.

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    by Peter , Appszoom

    May 24, 2012


    ZombieSmash! is a “Survival Comedy” game, featuring undead-themed castle defense and entertaining, physics-based gameplay. The game casts players as Joey, a lone survivor pit against a herd of writhing, unrelenting zombies - to defeat the undead masses, players must use their fingers to flick and smash them until they're un-undead.

    • To aid players in their fight, over 30 specials and upgrades allow for creative zombie demolition - including fun implements like asteroids, wrecking balls, liquid nitrogen and a gigantic, rolling boulder – combine specials (for instance, smash nitrogen-frozen zombies with a boulder!) for added hilarity.

    • Sophisticated ragdoll physics produce unique and hysterical zombie deaths, and the proprietary SplatterEngine™ renders adorable cartoon blood and gore in a convincing and entertaining fashion.

    • Four game modes provide limitless replay value:
    o Campaign Mode challenges players to survive for over 31 intense days against the mounting zombie threat and another 30 nights in the NEW CAMP NOWHERE campaign.

    o Endless Siege Mode confronts them with a never-ending zombie assault - hold out as long as possible, racking up an ever-rising body count.

    o Sandbox Mode gives you all the tools to rain destruction down on those stinking, moaning zombies without any of the peril.

    o Bonus Nights Mode : Smash and destroy zombies in new ways! Unlock this special mode through extended gameplay and using your braaains!

    • Original soundtrack produced by famed game music composer Chris Hülsbeck, the talented musician behind the scores to classic games like Turrican, Giana Sisters and the Star Wars: Rogue Squadron series.


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