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    Published: 2012-10-25, by Peter Warrior.

    A point and shoot defense game...with zombies.

    • Love (and zombies) at first stage
    • Simple yet very addictive gameplay
    • Nice artwork
    • It might have more game modes.

    "Zombie outbreak? Sure, hold please. Stand by while we..."

    There was a lab where a cure for gamer MMO addiction went wrong. Result? Zombies, of course. In order to not spoil the story, which is quite enjoyable thanks to a lovely comic like cutscenes, let's jump over the prologue and dive into Zomnomnom's gameplay, which is exactly an active defense game: you have to defend the leftmost part of the screen from the incoming waves of zombies coming from the right. To do so, choose any of your weapons and tap on your target zombie to shoot him down.

    Gameplay becomes interesting when you realize how important is to change weapons depending on which kind of zombie approaches, how important ammo is and how tired is to swing a bat against a horde. This tap-to-shoot, long-tap-to fire a burst and swipe-to-hit with a melee weapon is the best attraction of this game, and that's why a simple gameplay becomes so addictive.

    Although we'd like there were even more levels (50 so far), more zombies, more playable characters and some kind of screen cleaner magic, we just say so because there's no harm in asking. Game's fun as hell, and assures hours of zombie-killing fun. Recommended both for usual defense gamers and anyone who wants to discover the genre. Indeed, as it's an excellent casual game no matter how you look at it, we would recommend it to anyone with know what I mean.

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    by Peter , Appszoom

    Oct 25, 2012


    "ZomNomNom is a rather addictive tower defense game." -App Store Arcade
    "We would recommend it to anyone with know what I mean." -AppsZoom
    "The game is double-barrels of zombie-culling fun." -Android Tapp

    A science team accidentally created a zombie virus while studying the nature of gamers. Now your home town of Anywhere USA is infested with the undead and it's up to you to blast and smash them to smithereens before they attack and snack on your brain and turn you into one of them! Swipe them with your melee weapon, or blast them away with your handgun and special weapons! This is a tower defense game like none other!

    As the science team scrambles to find a cure for the infection, different zombie types are unleashed upon the city. Some will run at you, others will take more shots to knock down and some even will throw angry birds at you that want nothing but to peck your brain out!

    Use the money dropped from killing the zombies to purchase ammo and stronger weapons. The better you are at the game, the more coins you will have to upgrade your arsenal of carnage. Fight to kill as many zombies as you can to save your home town of Anywhere USA. Download ZomNomNom now and put the undead to rest!

    > Blast and smash through 50 levels of the undead
    > Battle 6 different zombie types!
    > Collect coins to buy all 35 weapons!!
    > Unlock fun features like Big Head Mode and Mini Mode!!!
    > Frantic "Shoot and Swipe" gameplay!!!!
    > Hand drawn comic cutscenes and chilling original music!!!!!
    > Gratuitous use of exclamation marks!!!!!!

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