ZZZ_Power Skate




    "Advent of the most challenging and thrilling casual JUMP-ACTION!!
    Does a clown dash as doing power skating for catching away people’s happiness?

    There is a jealousy clown over happy people watching his ridiculous figure.
    Finally, he takes out his MAGICAL POWER-SKATE to deprive them of happiness…

    ▶ Main Features

    * Mission! Forward ~ Forward!
    - Tap to jump and sidestep your power-skating clown as avoiding obstacles that block your way
    - Dodge multiple obstacles coming to you continually.

    * Experience extreme actions and awesome effects with skates
    - Jump is just a basic step! You can master slide, crouch, downhill, acceleration and even more advanced actions
    - Master these skills and combos creating a cool style of your own

    * Clear all challenging puzzle-style stages
    - Three modes: Normal, Hard, Endless
    - 32 levels in normal and hard modes with increasing difficulty and hundreds of levels to unlock

    * Be the exciting skater
    - Just pick out your favorite one among various characters such as clown. Ninja and witches
    - There are tons of skates with distinctive shapes and additional capabilities.

    * Enjoy colorful and cute graphic
    - Definitely, everyone likes our lovely characters and stage environment

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