Galaxy Protector 2: Craft Wars

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    Galaxy Protector 2: Craft Wars

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    All out War in the Universe! Jump into your spacecraft and prepare for the ultimate showdown of pure space annihilation.
    ★This is a FULL FREE VERSION★

    An army fleet of alien scum in inbound on planet earth. Fresh from your combat flight boot camp training you are recruited to defend earth. Jump into your airborne steel battleship and take the battle to the next frontier as part of the defence ops space forces!

    New and improved features include:
    ★ Massive alien enemy waves
    ★ Many power-ups to enhance shooting capabilities
    ★ Choose from multiple touch control types
    ★ Smooth detailed graphics
    ★ Classic arcade (retro) game-play
    ★ New: Start at any stage (options)
    ★ New: more levels

    All heads are turned to you as you enter your craft. The fate of the universe is in your hands as you take to arms to defend the destiny of the world and mankind. The future of a civilization has never relied on so few! Learn how to put your bootcamp skills to work and master your spaceship like a pro, and learn it quick as you will need it to be the ultimate defender.

    You will start with the basic gun that is automatically fired by your autopilot gunner so you can focus on steering the your flying metal! As your enemy rivals become become stronger be sure to unlock bonus power-ups to master the later levels!

    As you progress you can unlock powerups that will enhance your shield or give you access to new weapons. The regular gun is a dinosaur (dino) in the space age, so get your upgrades fast! Enhanced laser based mini guns (simgun) up to the fully online integrated smart lazer and plasma weapons thats seeks enemy crafts using the auto pilot (stickman) and will burst a beam of pure energy directly to the enemy unit in any direction. The autopilot operates together with the tactical positioning system (tps) to calculate the range and future position of the enemy allowing it to lock-on and fire the plasma beam in a forward thinking direction and takedown the bogy.

    Above all remember one thing! Keep your eye on the target and keep your craft moving if you want to master the skill of spacewar survival. Mankind has come far with robot and sim technology, but when it comes to making fierce galactic kills in all-out star combat you need only the best in league.

    In 2084 the universal portal was invented and realized a decade later allowing faster than light travel throughout the universe using principles of quark-wurm entanglement based on earlier research discoveries related to now known quantum mechanics.

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