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    Published: 2014-02-19, by .

    Create matches and achieve the target score within the time given

    • Poor graphics
    • Laggy controls
    • Too simple

    "Tap to swap"

    SwapIt Arcade is a puzzle game where you should try to match three or more same-colored shapes together in order to make them disappear.

    Swap the jewels to create matches horizontally or vertically and achieve the minimum score. However, even if it seems like typical matching game, the app presents several problems: firstly, the controls aren't smooth, you don't exactly swipe the jewels, you just need to tap on two adjacent ones to make the swap.

    In addition, graphics are poor and animations are laggy. The game doesn't include any power-ups and therefore isn't really interesting or particularly enjoyable.

    Nullinvoid01 is the developer of SwapIt Arcade, a very simple game which we wouldn't really recommend.

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    by Anna , Appszoom

    Feb 19, 2014


    Brand new Android game in the works here at NullinVoid Inc. SwapIt Arcade!

    This is a simple game with a variety of themes. It is a Tetris like game in which the screen is covered with Stars, or other shapes. When you align 3 or more in a row, all adjacent tiles that match will vanish.

    You can only swap adjacent tiles vertically or horizontally. You can swap tiles even if it won't result in a 3-or-more alignment, but that will cost you some points from your current score.

    Quick Rules:
    1. A swap must form a group of three (or more) in a row of the same item.
    2. Tap an item to select it, then tap an adjoining item to swap them.
    3. Diagonal swaps are not allowed.
    4. To advance to the next level you must score enough points before the timer runs out.

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