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    The only Four in a Row game with ***PERFECT PLAY*** !!

    The Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Four in a Row implements the free Velena Engine, which means it plays perfectly at it's most difficult setting! It will always win when it plays first, and yet still plays incredibly fast!

    This is the classic game of Four in a Row Multiplayer, with the very best AI. Align 4 chips of your color because the first player to connect four in a row will be declared the winner!

    Play Four in a Row against a friend, or challenge one of the 5 AIs. Remember, the best AI will always connect four chips before you if it starts, it's really unbeatable! Learn the rules against the beginner AI, and gradually improve your skills as the difficulty rises!

    Indeed, when you first start Four in a Row, only the Beginner AI is available. You'll have to beat each AI difficulty 3 times to unlock the next one, all the way to the ultimate, unbeatable difficulty!

    The 5 increasingly difficult AIs you can play against (or even set up against each other) are:
    1 - Beginner: Basic strategy, will sometimes make obvious mistakes.
    2 - Normal: Basic strategy, no obvious mistakes.
    3 - Advanced: Plays with tricks and avoids the opponent's tricks.
    4 - Expert: Plays with advanced tricks and avoids the opponent's advanced tricks.
    5 - Grandmaster: Extremely hard to beat if it plays second. Impossible to beat if it plays first.

    You can also play online and compete for the top ranking position with the recent multiplayer version! Multiplayer and achievements are done through the recent Google Game Services.

    - 5 increasingly difficult AIs, from beginner to grandmaster
    - unlimited undo
    - change AI anytime during the game
    - player vs player
    - player vs AI
    - spectator mode: AI vs AI
    - online multiplayer
    - rankings, achievements
    - realistic animations and sound effects
    - addictive background music
    - move to SD
    - cloud save: you can save your progress with Cloud Save, so you can pick up where you left off on all your devices when signed in to Google Play Games.

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    Also known as Connect 4, Captain's Mistress, Four Up, Plot Four, Connect Four, Find Four, Fourplay, and Four in a Line.

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