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    Reversi A.I. Maker is a new Reversi (othello) game which can also make a partner's A.I. Artificial Intelligence by itself.
    Such as whether it reads to the point very, where is taken preferentially, or how to take into consideration the number of places and the number of stones which can be placed, -- it is possible to make A.I. Artificial Intelligence of Reversi from customizing various items by oneself.

    There is also a certain computer from origin from the level 0 to the level 10, and, of course, he can enjoy himself also as ordinary Reversi.

    The level 10 is fairly strong.
    If it still cannot be satisfied, let's make stronger A.I. Artificial Intelligence by ourselves.
    Two-person waging war with a friend is also possible.

    - a waging-war partner,a person vs person, an A.I. Artificial Intelligence vs person, and A.I.vs A.I. etc. -- selection free is possible.

    - Creation of A.I. Artificial Intelligence is simply possible in the combination of an item.

    - Since it is also possible to incorporate complicated algorithms, such as openness theory, strong A.I. can be made.

    - A certain partner's A.I. is also made from origin using the same item.

    - It is possible to check what has happened to the partner's A.I. by winning.
    Those who referring to it may be satisfactory for and cannot understand this can also make strong A.I.

    - A maximum of 100 creation is possible for A.I.

    - The name of can be changed freely.

    Although explanation of the item of A.I. customization is also in an application, it has not written briefly.
    Please investigate on the Internet etc. to know in detail excuse me.

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