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    Checkers V+, 2019 edition's review

    Published: 2014-02-28, by Janel.

    Classic checkers versus CPU or a friend

    • Classic board game rules
    • Personalize the visual presentation of the board
    • Over 10 variants of play
    • None

    "Jump and double jump"

    Everyone knows it's good to be king. Jump your way across the board to crowning glory in ZingMagic Limited's Checkers V, a mobile version of the classic board game.

    You already know the rules: scoot your pieces diagonally across the board, jumping the other player's pieces to eliminate them from play. Reach the other side for king status, allowing you to move both forwards and backwards. Over ten variations of the game will keep you entertained for a good long while; these include English Draughts, Junior Checkers (which makes jumping not mandatory), and even Suicide Checkers - can you lose all your pieces first? Personally, I want to learn to play Czech Checkers, because, c'mon, it already sounds awesome.

    There are many visual and gameplay settings you can tweak to personalize your experience.

    Still, ZingMagic Limited's Checkers V is a great choice for fans of the the classic board game, especially those looking to try out its regional variants.

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    by Janel , Appszoom

    Feb 28, 2014


    Welcome to the 2019 edition of Checkers. Apparently AI is suddenly all the rage this year meanwhile the 2019 edition celebrates 16 years of ZingMagic bringing you the best in AI based board, card and puzzle games. So, yes we mastered genuine AI along time ago!

    Top Developer with 2 million downloads of Checkers!

    Steeped in history, Checkers has been a favourite board game for centuries. With support for 13 different variations of Checkers including American, International, Italian and Russian Checkers and over 10 levels of play Checkers V+ is your ultimate Checkers companion.

    Checkers supports 13 different variations of the modern game:

    American Checkers

    American Checkers with 3-move opening.

    English Draughts

    Junior Checkers – captures are NOT mandatory

    International Checkers

    Brazilian Checkers

    Czech Checkers

    Italian Checkers

    Portuguese Checkers

    Spanish Checkers

    Russian Checkers

    American Pool Checkers

    Suicide Checkers, see if you can lose all your pieces first !

    If you do NOT want to play games with forced captures choose the 'Junior Checkers' game type. The official rules of all other Checkers pro variants require forced captures.

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