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    Welcome to the 2019 edition of Checkers. Apparently AI and Machine Learning is all the rage this year. Meanwhile the 2019 edition celebrates 16 years of ZingMagic bringing you the best in AI based board, card and puzzle games. So, yes, we mastered artificial intelligence along time ago!

    Checkers is the classic strategy board game with the goal of capturing all the opponent's pieces. The game is deceptively simple yet full of intricacy as those that take on the Expert level will find.

    Steeped in history, games similar to Checkers were played by the early Egyptian Pharaohs (c.1600 BC) & were even mentioned in the works of the Greek writers Homer & Plato. The modern game dates back to around the 12th century.

    Checkers V+ supports over 10 different variations of the modern game:

    American Checkers

    American Checkers with 3-move opening.

    English Draughts

    Junior Checkers

    International Checkers

    Brazilian Checkers

    Czech Checkers

    Italian Checkers

    Portuguese Checkers

    Spanish Checkers

    Russian Checkers

    American Pool Checkers

    Suicide Checkers

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