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    Do you remember the classic Hungry Hungry Hippos? with a similar gameplay we present you Dino Dinner, a game for kids (and no so kids :D).

    Dino and Dina are hungry, help them fill their stomach eating as many balls as you can before your opponent does. There are eight balls to eat, will you eat them all?

    -Single player mode
    Tilt your device to bring the balls toward you. But be careful, if you keep them to yourself for too long your opponent will get angry, growl and take them back!

    Select to play as Dino or Dina and eat as much as you can.

    -Two player mode:
    With friends it's always more fun. Grab your device, tilt and fight your way to victory!
    But beware! We are not responsible for flying phones and tablets :D

    To make things trickier, when your dinosaur hits the ground with its mouth, things will move a little. It can be very useful to take a ball away from your opponent's mouth!

    Please leave your suggestions in the comments below. We have plenty of stuff coming but your ideas will help us enormously. Enjoy!

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    - Some of the SFX licensed under Creative Commons:

    Title: Zombie Demon Spawn
    Recorded by Mike Koenig

    Title: Blast
    Recorded by Mike Koenig

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