Gomoku - Online Game Hall




    The only Game Hall for Gomoku on Google Play! Also the most powerful gomoku on Google Play! Support Online challenge via tables.

    $$$ Online battle vs. Mode

    - Seamless integration with your Game Center account, nickname.

    - Support as many as three different modes,
    no restriction for black;
    black restriction - black will lose if he fill in the restricted points.
    RIF Rules, support exchange and forbid;

    - Center Point at the first, the stars can crowd around it.

    - Five rooms, 16 tables for each room, support 80 tables at most to choose.

    - Download our Same Stars HD to get more tables, as many as 250!

    $$$ Offline Practice Mode

    - Play with computer, or other players - friends, family, lovers on the same iPad;

    - Choose White or Black at your ease.

    - Set up the restriction on Black or not;

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