How to play Go "Beginner's Go"

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    Ishikura Noboru is a regular lecturer on the Japan Broadcasting Corporation's weekly TV go program. He is noted for his easy-to-understand explanations.
    Now his original go course is avilable on Android.

    By studying his explanations and the problems he presents, you will quickly learn to play go.

    Beginner's Go has five special features.

    1. Easy-to-understand explanations
    These are Ishikura's original explanations.

    2. Easy-to-follow diagrams.
    The moves are smoothly played out on attractive graphics.

    3. Suited for anyone who wants to learn how to play go
    An easy-to-understand course for all beginners

    4.Three steps to understanding go
    Explanations, practice, and problem-solving will hammer home the basics of the game.

    5. An easy-to-understand glossary of go terms.
    The convenience of having the most important go terms gathered in one place.

    Contents of Beginner's Go

    What is go?
    The rules
    After you've learned the rules -- 9x9-board games
    After you've learned the rules -- 19x19-board games

    Capturing stones
    Exploiting defects in your opponent's territory
    Linking up stones
    Capturing races
    Life and death

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