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    Before I make this app, the only thing in my head was to put out the result that makes everyone happy. The app that can be enjoyed with friends, kids, lovers and even grand parents! One day, an idea flashed in my mind. 'What if I make Jigsaw puzzle app that everyone would love to play?' and BOOM here it is.

    Real Jigsaw puzzle for real Jigsaw puzzle fans! This app is designed and developed by Jigsaw lovers who know what is best for you! Once you play the puzzle you will be amused with the magic functions such as 'edge detection', ‘pan lock, ‘zoom lock’, and ‘scatter’ which are perfectly designed for Jigsaw fans' taste! With the multi-touch function, you may gather up at each side of the iPad screen and play the puzzle with your friends, partners and family!

    The Jigsaw presents you over 500 pictures of high definition and resolution Jigsaw puzzles. Free packages are also available, so just download it any time! Believe me, your kids would love to play and this game and will help their brain development. Get an awesome pictures, enjoy the puzzle and have a good time with your parents and kids!

    If you don’t like the Ads bugging you, upgrade your app to premium version. If you upgrade your application, you can unlock premium puzzle packages and play it right away! Enjoy the rotation mode, puzzle selection mode and create your own puzzle mode from your photos in your Android device! Don’t hesitate if you want all this amazing package features now!

    - Feel free to play Jigsaw puzzle in all the Android devices!
    - Vibration mode is available -- ONLY in mobile devices.
    - Multi-touch function - Enjoy the puzzle with your family.
    - Useful functions: Edge detection, pan-lock, zoom-lock, and scatter for your convenience.
    - Constantly up-to-dated puzzle packs! (FREE puzzle packs are available!)
    - Choose the unique puzzle shape.
    - Enjoy over 400 high definition puzzles in high resolution!
    - Focus on your puzzle more intensively with classical background music
    - Play and resume as much as puzzles at anytime.
    - Play up to 19 levels of puzzle (mobile devices up to 100 pieces, tablet devices up to 400 pieces)
    - SUPER fast loading (almost no delay)
    - Rotation mode is available for harder challenge!
    - Create your own puzzle and keep your memorial moments
    - Choose the back ground you favor.
    - Share your finished puzzle via Facebook and save it in your device.

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