Knight Chess




    This is a very popular classic chess brain game in Asia. You will play a general, fighting on the battleground and leading your army to battle with the dangerous enemy in a darkly unknown war. You must fight to remain the last soldier to know the outcome. The war situation may be reversed due to making wrong strategy even match's king had been captured. If you want to win the game, you need to bravely open the critical chessman, consider every move carefully and make good use of your King, General, Catapult and other key pieces. Strategy and luck are fifty-fifty. That's why this game is attractive and popular. Just try your luck and capacity of playing chess! In online battle, you will encounter global challengers, is also likely to encounter the brave and skillful fighters from the east.

    The features of Knight Chess: Single player v.s. AI, Two players on board, Online Battle, Mode of Keeper and Challenger, Online Private Room (Play with friend), Pad display supported, Score Rank, Role setting and various chessman and chessboard.

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