Marble Solitaire




    Marble Solitaire / Peg Solitaire is a board game for one player involving movement of Marbles on a board with holes. The Game is Known by the name Brainvita in India .

    Marble Solitaire is a classic marble solitaire strategic game. You need to remove as many marbles as possible.

    Our aim is to remove all marbles till there is no valid move remaining and end up with one marble in minimum time and movements.

    The one who can make one marble remaining in the board within the shortest time and movements will be the Master in the Score.

    Game Play

    1. Start the marble solitaire game by moving any of the marbles behind the center hole to the center hole.
    2. Then the marble which is jumped over get removed from the marble solitaire board.
    3. Moving one marble over other marbles to remove all the remaining marbles.
    4. You can move marbles vertically and horizontally but you cannot move marbles diagonally.
    5. If One Marble is Left in the board then You will be the Toper in Google Play Leader Board .

    Game Features

    Three Difficulty Level : Easy, Medium and Hard .
    Brain Challenging game but Easy and Fun to Play .
    Google Play Game Features Like Leaderboard and Achievements .
    Score is Calculated on the basis of Time and Marbles Left in the Board .
    Simple Design and Easy to play .
    Remove Ad's by Purchasing the Ad Removal in-app .

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