NightChess: Zombie Lord 3D




    Battle the Undead Necromancer King and his army of monsters in this mini 3D Chess Variant! Utilize your own dark minions - The Shade Bishop, Assassin Knight, Witch Queen, Wyvern Rooks, Skeleton Pawns and completely unique pieces like the Cyclops and Dwarf. Choose from 5 starter colors, and unlock "Dead" for a bloody look to your zombie battlefield!

    ★Features include:

    - Free to Play!

    !!! Online player vs player with leaderboard top scores!!!

    - 3D board and pieces with the ability to rotate to any view
    - Play 1 player against a computer opponent
    - 2 player local (tabletop) mode
    - Android Tablet/Nexus support
    - Retina display support
    - Graveyard 3D environment
    - Undo move button
    - Save and load previous games
    - Varying computer opponent difficulty

    ★What people are saying about NightChess Online:

    "It's the Chess they play in Hell!"

    "Awesome new game! Very creative and a fun new spin on classic chess. I love NightChess!"

    "It was about time someone came up with a good chess game both for kids and adults. Great Job!"

    NightChess is a fast and fun "Chess Variant" app, with unique pieces to create a unique strategy from standard Chess. A smaller board and fewer pieces speed along games, but don't be fooled, the challenge is still there! With adjustable computer AI and online player vs player, it's easy to increase the challenge. Great for kids as well, the 3D Board and pieces are colorful, with interchangeable colors, eerie music, and easy controls- just tap to move, swipe to rotate the board, and pinch to zoom in and out!

    Brought to you by Triceratapps Publishing, creators of "Dwarven Chess" and "Armies of Zatikon", NightChess is just the gateway into the turn- based strategy of these other app titles. Try them all!

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