Nine Men's Morris Multiplayer




    Play Nine Men's Morris against the computer or against friends all over the world!
    Nine Men's Morris is one of the most popular games worldwide, this app offers you three different game modes.
    - Single-player: play alone against the computer
    - local multiplayer: play against a friend on one device
    - online multiplayer: play online with friends or strangers from all around the world!

    Especially cool is the multiplayer mode:
    - your points are credited everytime you win against an oppponent
    - the stronger your opponent was, the more points you get for winning
    - the more points you have, the higher you rise in the ranking list
    - you can chat with your opponent while playing
    - with a friends list you can invite your friends to a game
    - the app is available worldwide, you can play against players from around the world
    - you can see from what country your opponent comes

    We hope you like our app!
    We would really appreciate it if you give us a feedback (even if it's critical)!
    Simply send us a mail to the following support address.

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