Painted Sheep




    Welcome to Painted Sheep.

    Painted Sheep is a paintball game with sheep in a field, based on the principle of Battleship game (or Battleships) with a bit of Minesweeper.

    The goal is simple: 32 sheep are hidden, divided into groups of 2 to 8 in a field of 144 cells. Be the smartest, choose the right paint weapon from those available, select a cell, shoot, and do it again to discover the 9 groups of sheep. Clouds can help you. Warning, your shots are limited! The game is won when the sheep are all full of paint.

    Throughout your victories, your level progresses and every 5 levels you will earn new weapons
    more effective, but at the same time you will lose valuable ammunition.

    They're not running or flying when you discover those tiny sheep. Sheep from Painted Sheep are just cute little sheep who like to hide, yes it happens. You don't have to bump them, just paint them with your favorite color and don't give up until you'll found them all, using the clouds that display their number.

    Let's go and get ready for the battle of sheep in this great free game, full of fun with paint, colors and of course sheep. With all thoses colors, your sheep will become great heroes.

    Game Contents :
    - 5 paint weapons
    - 6 special paint weapons to unlock
    - Campaign mode up to 500 wins
    - 2 players in versus mode
    - Achievements to unlock
    - Rankings based on the number of victories
    - Choice among 7 colors of paint
    - 3 difficulty levels
    - Lots of sheep of different colors
    - Game for all ages

    Tired of all these clones and copycat games ?
    Try an original game, try Painted Sheep!

    Note: No sheep were hurt during the production of the game

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