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    Reversi's review

    Published: 2011-06-08, by Ana Gracia.

    Play Reversi by yourself or with a friend

    • Fun and entertaining
    • Lot of information and instructions
    • Addictive
    • Play alone or with a friend

    "Convert all the pieces to your color"

    Reversi Free allows you to play this classic and simple game easily. Reversi is played between two people and the objective is to place pieces on the board in order to trap your opponent's pieces between your pieces so they can be converted to your own color.

    The player can only play on squares that allow a capture to occur. If there's nowhere a player can place a piece that will trap and flip any of the opponent's pieces it counts as a pass. On the other hand, once there are no more legal moves left, the player with the most number of pieces showing their color is the winner.

    Before starting to play, you can choose the side to play and the difficulty from 1 to 10. You can also choose to play against the machine or with a friend.

    AI Factory Limited is the developer of Reversi and other popular puzzle games available in the market. This is free-ad version of a great and addictive game which provides lots of entertainment. Be sure to check it out.

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    by Anna , Appszoom

    Jun 08, 2011


    Top Developer (awarded 2013)
    Reversi is the best Reversi game on Android! Same as our “Reversi Free”, but without ads.


    - User friendly interface
    - 10 difficulty levels, plus hints
    - 2 player hot-seat
    - 4 Reversi Piece Sets and 6 Boards
    - User stats (wins/losses/draws/scores)
    - Designed for both Tablet and Phone

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