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    Sudoku Solver Supreme is the all NEW, best and most complete Sudoku game and Solver app on the android market today--9x9 AND 16x16.

    From Beginners who want to learn to play Sudoku with hints to Experts who wish to challenge themselves to over 145 million different built-in 9x9 puzzles, this is THE Sudoku app.

    Or, if you think 9x9 puzzles are too easy, then immerse yourself in 145 million more different built-in 16x16 Sudoku puzzles!

    Found a 9x9 or 16x16 puzzle off a magazine or newspaper you don't have the solution to? Solve it with this app!

    - Solver for BOTH 9x9 AND 16x16. Stress tested and verified correctness on over 290 million built-in 9x9 and 16x16 puzzles
    - 9 by 9 Sudoku Puzzles (4 difficulty levels, over 145 million built-in puzzles in all)
    - 16 by 16 Sudoku Puzzles (4 difficulty levels, over 145 million built-in puzzles in all)
    - Hints!
    - Large easy to read digits
    - 4 themes to choose from
    - 8 background music to choose from
    - Sound enabled
    - Notes to keep track of your moves
    - In-game answer Validator
    - Full Undo and Redo moves for every move you make
    - Save and load your games for later (including your undo moves!)
    - Autosave
    - Keeps score and time. Challenge yourself!
    - Supports phone and tablet.
    - Ad free. No ads of any kind!
    - Facebook Integration. Share your score with your friends!
    - Easy to use, intuitive interface
    - Fun and engaging!

    Ad free. Exercise your brain! Fun game to play. Perfect for kids or smart people like you. Get it today!

    Technical details (casual players probably wouldn't be interested):

    - The solver does not inform you of whether the sudoku puzzle you asked it to solve has a unique solution.
    - Hints, by design, are "minimal," that is, it purposely only does a one-pass check for possible values. Otherwise, what fun would it be if we tell you what the solution is for each box every step of the way? :) (though for easy puzzles, that's what the one-pass check does anyway)
    - While most 16 by 16 puzzles takes only a few seconds to solve, some could, in theory, take minutes given the possible solution space (e.g. worse case 16^256 = 178 * 10^308 possible solutions!). So, please be patient!
    - The solver is by definition computation heavy. To save your battery and wait time, the 16 by 16 puzzle solver requires having at least 48 of 256 squares filled in.
    - While the solver has been stress tested and verified on over 290 million puzzles, one can never be certain of the correctness in all possible 9x9 or 16x16 sudoku puzzles. If you find any issues with the solver, please let us know, and we will correct it right away.
    - The INTERNET permission is required for facebook integration. The WAKE_LOCK and READ_PHONE_STATE are needed to prevent screen from sleeping and to mute the background music if you get an incoming call.

    ***For a limited time, $0.99!*** Get this app today! You'll love it.

    And if you do love it, please rate it 5 stars and tell your friends! Greatly appreciated!

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