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    1980s Quiz

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    How well do you remember the 1980s?
    Are you an 1980’s genius? Or did you drink too much Soave and now can’t remember a thing?

    Do you know you your Thundercats from your TopCat?
    Your Breakfast Club from your St Elmo’s Fire?
    Madonna’s first number 1?
    Michael Jackson first health scare?
    What caused the Iran-Iraq war?
    Do you know any angrams of Axle Rose??
    In our picture round would you be able to recognise culture club from just their eye makeup?

    Can you remember when Phil Collins was cool, Madonna was a virgin, The Beastie Boys were hard, LL Cool J was hip, Indiana Jones had realistic special effects, Dirty Dancing was sexy, Porky's was on the top shelf, Star Wars was good, Rambo seemed violent, Miami Vice was on trend and Kajagoogoo were on the radio?

    If you can remember Airwolf, the A team, Commodore Computers, John Lennon's assassination, Ronald Reagan's gaffes, Maggie Thatcher's handbag, The start of the Iran-Iraq war, the Iran-Contra affair, Carl Lewis gold medals, Daley Thompson and Zola Budd, The first Simpsons Episode, Diff'rent Strokes, Magnum PI, Dynasty, Dallas, Quantum Leap and The Golden Girls, Seifeld, Roseanne, E.T., Beverly Hills Cop, The Empire Strikes Back, Top Gun, Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Fatal Attraction, Cheers and Raiders of the Lost Arc ... then this is the app for you – the ultimate 1980s Quiz App.


    It will even refresh your recent history, so remember:
    If you’ve got a minute … Learn something in it!