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    Battleship Hunter is a free and special shooting game. It allows you different battleships which are from America, China, Britain and Soviet Union. All these battles are famous in the history or today.

    This is a special shooting because its operation is very special. You can get a high score in the acceleration or shooting, but these two get high scores in the same is not easy. This game also can help you exercise your arm in a way. After you know the operation you will understand the reason.


    You can choose the battleship which you want to use. You need to slide the icon on the screen to see the next country of battleship. You have to grasp your mobile phone and throw it up and down (not really throw out), try your best to make your mobile phone get a quick acceleration. The system will show you an acceleration score. The score is the speed of your battle.

    The way to shoot a bullet is very easy. You just press the volume up button and then the bullet will fly out. You can hear the burst sound.

    Hold your phone by Battleship Hunter app and you can feel you are on a real battleship! Battleship Hunter is a realistic simulator with shooting experience.

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