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    In Beautiful Words you will collect and create a beautiful patchwork of color. The game has a romantic and elegant style, perhaps the kind of game Mr Darcy might have played while at leisure in the drawing room.

    The goal of Beautiful Words is to collect all of the wondrous and curiously named colors in the games pretty patchwork, which is no easy task! As you obtain each color the difficulty rises as you go on a color acquiring run! Challenge yourself to how many colors you can obtain in a row and then try to beat it yourself and challenge your friends too!

    Beautiful Words takes elements from traditional words games and layers it with a beauty and style that echoes an enchanting vibe. The soul of Beautiful Words is to offer an experience that is both challenging and satisfying with a touch of elegance. The beautiful pics in the background add a visually striking appeal and add a touch of wonder as to what will appear as you progress.

    This quaint word game will delight you with it's visuals and sounds as you play against the clock finding words to light up the world.

    The challenge of Beautiful Words is to search and find words and watch how after each successful word made the game starts to gain and glow in color bringing you ever closer to achieving a new addition to your palette. Players of all ability will find a challenge here and after a few go's, see how your ability increases to find and make words! There's something very satisfying about just narrowly beating the clock and getting a needed color drop on your patchwork! Become a star player and collect those words as fast as possible! The skill of the game lays with the ability to seek out long words which leaves behind a power letter. The longer the word the more powerful letter left behind. Use those and watch how the surrounding letters explode with color and beauty.

    Players of crosswords, scrabble and boggle will love this game and find a unique challenge unlike any other and become a Beautiful Words Hero!

    Beautiful Words is not only a treat for the eyes with it's design and color but also with its music and soundtrack, players are immersed in the blissful sounds from the tiny effects to the classical and peaceful music played to ease your tension and stress away! You won't find any zombies or monsters here!...Beautiful words aims to offer something new and different to players.

    The floral designs and artwork offer a style not yet seen and is more akin to the elegance of weddings and Jane Austen style banquets! Beautiful Words really is a game of amazing beauty with a sprinkle of charm.

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