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    Bubble Force: Physics Puzzle's review

    Published: 2013-10-15, by Ana Gracia.

    Move the bubbles thanks to physic forces and get a high rating on every level

    • Fun, original gameplay
    • Addictive
    • Becomes more and more challenging
    • Kind of simple, could have more features

    "The forces of bubble"

    Bubble Force: Physics Puzzle is a 3D puzzle game for Android which presents quite a challenge and differentiates itself from all the other shooting games we're used to see and play.

    How to play? Press and drag your force field, release your finger to launch and try to make a combination of three. You might not achieve your objective in one shot, but keep on trying, although your rating will not be as high as if you got it right the first time.

    As you go on, challenge definitely increases: you have more bubbles to gather together and the objective is harder to accomplish. There are more than 70 levels available to play, keep on going until you become the master of the physics forces.

    Lunagames is the developer of Bubble Force, a physics game which is rather original and not easy as it might look at first. We recommend it, at least try it out for a while.

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    by Anna , Appszoom

    Oct 15, 2013


    This is not yet another bubble shooter game! Bubble Force is easy to learn yet very hard to master. Use your force field effect to control the bubbles and try to connect the colored bubbles to progress to the next level.

    Bubble Force brings epic new game-play mixing pool (billiards, snooker), olo and a puzzle type bubble popper game all-in-one! Just like a pool (billiards snooker) game you need to skillfully aim and hit the balls but in Bubble Force however you control the bubbles using a force field, not a pool cue. In this latest update the saga continues with a wealth of new levels and cool trick shots to master as you master the levels. Let us know witch level is your favorite.

    The game board is setup with various bubbles in various locations. Be sure to use the right strategy to determine at witch spot to zap your force field. You can keep your finger pressed to drag your force field to the exact desired position; then release your finger release the force field. Get your stratego right and you’ll master this puzzle arcade game in no time.

    Keep your sanity as you try to complete all levels. The defense of the levels is tough and needs your puzzle brain (head) to find the solution from nearly infinite possibilities. The game is packed with 72 levels full adventure and puzzle action with bubbles waiting to explode. Xplode through the levels and try to put the jewels in your crown by completing all the levels at 3-stars.

    Now freeze! All you bubble masters out there drop what you are doing; stop sending all those text messages, live wallpapers, ringtone downloads and get your game gear on! Join the Bubble Force experience and show you are the best bubble crusher out there. So get of your personal fantasy island and up your game to rescue the bubbles from the jungle of game levels! Both kids and grown-up kids will love this game.

    Be warned this game will craft spells on you and you’ll be hooked to the addictive game-play. Look at the levels clearly and know that just like Atlantis it is very hard to find the exact clue to best finish the level.

    This game is simple to control through one-touch controls so you won’t be needing any qwerty keyboards here. Tip: Don’t just punch or tap, but drag the force field to the exact position you need! To master the game you need to know that you can position the force field to the exact position be keeping the it pressed until you are happy with the exact location; then release you finger and the force field will zap into action and the power is released to putt the bubbles into motion.

    Latest version continues the saga with now 72 challenging puzzle levels! Let your quest begin here. We love to hear from you! Witch level is your favorite? Join your buddies all over the bubble force galaxy and and win the quest to become the best bubble force player in the galaxy.

    Everybody join the fun... Kids, parents, brothers, sisters, aliens, guppies, fish, pirates, rap stars, ninjas, opera singers… all join in and start your bubble force invasion today – the game will win your heart and bring people together :) This is a game that will uplift you making no mountain to high and you’ll like playing with friends!

    What our fans our saying:
    Jammy: It is addictive, and the 3D images are really cool. Like this one and zonga manuganu.
    Felix Maniac: My new top 5 games: 1. Bubble Force + Flow Free Bridges 2. Bubble Witch Saga 3. Bubble Galaxy with Buddies Blaze 4. Granny Smith 5. Fix-it Felix Jr. I also like Punch Quest, "Flow Free Bridge s" & Gizmonauts, but Fix it just made the top 5 for now :) Also I like Manuganu & crystal idmb. Angry bobble run!

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