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    This is an anime game, it has a lot of images of anime girls which is very cute and beautiful.

    if you like anime and spongebob and you want to have a good time playing a useful game and if you want to improve your mental skills, you should play this game. it's a perfect choice for you,

    this type of puzzle games is useful in raising the ability to construct images and scenes mentally, it will give you a good to become smarter.

    I like it very much, and I suggest it to you.

    don't miss this best anime puzzle game it's not like candy crush, but it's very cool.

    have a good time.

    A jigsaw puzzle is a puzzle that requires the assembly of tiles or interlocking pieces in such a manner as to form a picture or a three-dimensional structure. The jigsaw pieces may be made of cardboard, wood, plastic, rubber, metal or foam. Jigsaw puzzles can range in difficulty from very easy three-piece puzzles for toddlers to the current record holder

    The first jigsaw puzzle was a map of the world. Spilsbury attached a map to a piece of wood and then cut out each country. Teachers used Spilsbury's puzzles to teach geography Students learned their geography lessons by putting the world maps back together.

    What types of jigsaw puzzles are appropriate for young children?:

    Jigsaw puzzles come in all shapes and sizes. Very young children are likely to start off with peg puzzles, usually made of wood with large pieces to which a peg is attached for easier manipulation. Sound puzzles are puzzles in which realistic sounds are played when the pieces are properly placed on the board, helping youngsters learn about the relationship between cause and effect, develop early vocabulary, and motor skills. Floor puzzles of 50 pieces or less, with large pieces generally made of cardboard, are meant for children aged 4 and up with better dexterity - and who are not as likely to eat the puzzle pieces!
    What types of jigsaw puzzles are appropriate for older children?:

    Tray or frame puzzles, generally made of wood or cardboard, are a good choice for children aged 3 to 5. These puzzles set a boundary into which the child builds the picture and some may show the picture underneath, making these puzzles less intimidating to young solvers than traditional jigsaw puzzles.

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