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    veCompact Games is a set of 16 games from the Compact Fun range. Brief details of each game are given below:

    1 player - play the system:

    Drop the tiles down into the grid to connect 4 in a line and try to beat the system . You can also play against another player.

    7-card version of the card game in which players try to achieve a set of 3 and a set of 4 cards, either of the same rank or consecutive cards of the same suit.

    1 player:

    A sophisticated version of the hangman puzzle or game normally played with pencil and paper, where one player tries to guess the letters of a hidden word. Try one proposed by system (from over 6500), or play a friend.

    House Mouse
    An original, pointless, irritatingly compulsive game where you try to find a mouse hidden under the floor.

    An original game in which you use falling coloured blocks to create a pattern that is the same as the target. But beware of the bombs!

    Treble Whammy
    Swap adjacent blocks with different jewel-like patterns and try to get three in a row with the same pattern, which then disappear and cause the ones above to collapse.

    An original, frustrating game in which you try to create a plug from falling blocks that fits exactly into the crater of the volcano - but be aware that blocks dropping into the crater change its shape. Shoot to destroy blocks or change plug shape. If you like Tetris, you will probably like this.

    1 or more players or pastime/practice for 1 player:

    Linkword Snap
    An original game in which the players (up to 4) try to find a word that links given definitions or conditions. Simple example:'Name of an actor or actress' and 'A 9-letter word' - Nicholson. Harder example: 'Name of a President' and 'Name of a make or model of car' - Ford.

    An original simple but frustrating letter and word game (up to 4 players) - try to make words from 25 letters on a 5x5 grid. There are three phases: Positioning, place the letters on the grid; Swapping, swap two pairs; and Scoring, select the words formed. If you like Scrabble, we think you'll like Pentad.

    Victorian dice game (Yacht) to score against certain patterns in up to 3 throws (up to 4 players).

    A game like Boggle where you try to beat the countdown to identify words in a 4x4 or 5x5 grid formed by adjacent letters. Includes a Fix and Show feature where a known long word is inserted into the grid for you to find.

    Letters game
    Beat the countdown to make the longest word from 9 letters, where you select the next one as either a vowel or a consonant. Includes a Push and Show feature where a known long word is pushed to you - can you get all the letters and can you identify the word?

    Numbers game
    Beat the countdown to derive a target number from 6 small or large numbers - with solutions.

    2 (or more) players (not suitable for 1 player):

    Bluffing dice game for 2 to 6 players - great for a small device that can be handed round to the players. Like the commercial game Perudo, this is derived from Liar's Dice.

    An original, unusual board game for 2 players using playing pieces that are black on one side and white on the other and involving the trapping and turning of pieces of the opposite colour. This may sound like Reversi (Othello), but the way it is played is quite different not only from Reversi but also from just about any game you've ever played.

    Traditional African pebble and tray game for 2 players only. Allows you to play the game with a number of rule options, some of which have a great impact on the strategy required.

    Full Help facility for each component.

    Always opens in Portrait orientation.

    The individual games are also available as individual free ad-supported apps and sometimes as paid-for apps.

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