Compact Puzzles

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    Compact Puzzles is a set of 12 puzzles from the Compact Fun range. Brief details of each puzzle are given below.

    Please note that the individual puzzles are also available as individual apps: free ad-supported apps, and, in some cases, paid-for ad-free apps. So, you can try them first.

    Original puzzles

    An original numerical puzzle in which 6 equations of the form A ? B ? C = D (where A to D are numbers and ? are operators) are laid out in a grid, three horizontally and three vertically, with the results shown but the 9 numbers representing A, B and C in the equations given but not positioned. The objective is to position these, together with the operators, to produce 6 correct equations.

    An original puzzle based on a collapsing blocks game. Click on a block to remove all connected blocks of the same colour, and try to achieve just three blocks of different colours in the middle at the end.

    Classics with original notation/mnemonics

    Rube Cube
    Our version of Rubik's great cube puzzle. Includes tools to aid solving and a detailed approach and Wolstenholme notation to help you solve it and remember the solution.

    Peg Solitaire
    The well-known pegs-in-a-board puzzle. You can start not only with the full 32 pegs, but also with 6, 8, 10 or 12 pegs - but always with the aim of ending up with a solitary peg in the middle. Has a Solve feature that will show you how to solve any puzzle presented to you by the system. Includes a solution and Wolstenholme notation to help you remember the solution.

    Logic puzzles

    Code 4x6
    Be a mastermind and find the hidden colour code.

    Feature-rich Sudoku application, including: analysis display, error-checking, clues, hints, and even auto-solve. Load one of our classic (symmetrical) Sudoku puzzles (4 levels), with millions of initial layouts, or enter one to solve from elsewhere. Supports mark-setting for external Sudokus that require quessing and back-tracking.

    Word puzzles

    A sophisticated version of the hangman puzzle normally played with pencil and paper, where one player tries to guess the letters of a hidden word. The word can be computer-selected or defined by another person.

    Search for the given words that are hidden in the letter grid - plus some that aren't given, but whose length you are told.

    Other classic puzzles

    Memory pairs
    Memory test to find the hidden pairs.

    Step Challenge
    Starting from a given number, carry out eight operations (each on the result of the previous one) and, step-by-step, calculate the result of the final one. A good 30-second challenge.

    Towers of Hanoi
    Move the discs from one pole to another - but never with a larger disc on a smaller one.

    15 puzzle
    Move tiles to recreate the original 1-15 tile pattern.


    Full Help facility for each component.

    Always open in Portrait orientation.

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