Digit City Bracelet

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    If you assume that you know all simple games – here is surprise: the bracelet of eight digits is new color-matching game.

    Enjoy originals.

    This is ads free version with 6 levels including all future upgrades, new features and new levels.

    It has simple task: swap digits until you complete string bracelet. Each swap spends one token from the Pile – spend them carefully.

    Each sequel is rated as 1, 2, or 3 stars. For each ‘3 stars’ rate, you will get one 'level up' token.

    Goal of the game is to reach as higher as possible level in your city administration. To go up one level, you have to collect 8 'level up' tokens.

    Digit Bracelet has endless gameplay, but we warn you that at some moment the GAME IS OVER :). Now, push the button and submit score to your city leaderboard …

    Do not skip brief tutorial at the start screen - you can play game with full AI hint assistance. Beyond all - it is nice little game, too.

    NOTE: if you regularly play few sessions daily, you can feel better problem solving and even increase memory…

    Enjoy original game,

    your Squaricon team

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