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    Enjoy endless fun with baKno's wonderfully designed and easy-to-play Domino game. Will you be the first to place all your tiles on the table for a win?

    Play Domino anytime, anywhere, against one or three computer opponents. Choose from three difficulty levels, five beautifully designed tile sets, and five table tops. Select the number of tiles in your initial hand and whether you prefer to play sixes or nines pips sets.

    Main features:
    • Easy tap-and-drag or double-tap interface to move your tiles on the table
    • 3D table zoom and rotation
    • Three difficulty levels (Basic, Normal, Advanced)
    • Five beautiful 3D tile styles
    • Five optional table styles
    • One or three computer opponents (Two or Four players)
    • Three to seven tiles initial hand selection
    • Play sixes or nines pips sets
    • Great music and sound effects

    About Domino:
    Domino is played by chaining dominoes, each player at a time. The first player who places all his/her dominoes is the winner. The game starts by shuffling the dominoes and providing the starting hand for all players, the rest go to the dock. The first player to move is the one with the highest double, or if no doubles are present, the player with the highest tile is the first to move. Dominoes are chained by matching their numbers. Scoring is done only at the end of the game. The player who plays all the dominoes in his hand first, scores the total count of the dominoes still held by his opponents. In the event of a blocked game, the player who has the lowest count scores the total count of the tiles still held by his opponents. Common games consist of multiple rounds of play and the first player to reach a certain amount of points is the winner.

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