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    Amazing and exciting drug game, you will learn everything about the world of drugs.

    Description: Fun game to play alone or accompanied, where methamphetamine is manufactured, or how long the effect of cocaine on the body are some of the issues you raise.

    Information on drugs, major cocaine, ecstasy, heroin, ketamine, MDA, LSD, marijuana, magic mushrooms, peyote ...


    -Directions, consumption, effects, important aspects to consider, etc ...

    -Photographs of dried buds, fertilizer (canna Biobiz, terra, Plagron) biological and chemical insecticides for pests, systemic and endemic.

    -Biological control a natural way to control pests, invaders of marijuana, like the fly from moisture, mealybug, red spider, thrips, worms, white dove.

    -Types of marijuana, cannabis types, types of hashish.

    -Learn to control and prevent fungus, as royal, powdery mildew, botrytis

    -Fertilizers flowering mother plants, cuttings and tricks for growing marijuana, marijuana curing, drying, marijuana, hashish extraction, as do a humidifier.

    -Pollination, for creating new feminized seeds, using silver nitrate, at an appropriate time of ripening of the fruit or flower.

    -Consumption, grinders, choppers, screen set for washers, icelator, ice extraction, hash, pork wooden box for storage.

    -Meet boil crops facilities, ventilation, exhaust fans, lighting, cooltube, insulation, rockwool, peat, substrates, moisture control, ph, ec, thermometers to regulate temperature and more.

    -Directions, consumption, effects, important aspects to consider, etc ...

    -Information and basic advice on drug use.

    -Purity of the drug, where and how they are made, the substance in the street.

    -How they affect different types of drugs on the nervous system, central system, head and neurons.

    -Surf, anomalies, memory loss and other consequences that we must consider.

    -Turúlos, tools, steps prior to consumption.
    Consumer-Forms, Nivvy, pills, snort, suck, rulas, capsules, three phase, bulbs, flavored cigarette, base, injected, syringe.

    -Share the information in this application with friends at home, bar, nightclub, private party or rave.

    -Improved interface.
    -New questions.
    -Improved Content.
    -More translations.
    -More updates soon.

    WARNING: This application only contains information. Drug use is dangerous to health.

    Please share with us if you have any comments, suggestions or find any errors:

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