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    To the physical interest friends will like this game. This game will give you a heap of tools, such as fans, such as light bulbs, and so on, so you form a "work line", the final purpose is through the chain reaction of series, drive the final switch. The game is not much close number, apart from the problem of language, in fact the difficulty does not calculate very high. If the beginning ability strong, or so common habit've tampered with gadgets friends all, can smoothly. After pass proud of the said.
    Operation method:
    All tools are on the right, it will be dragged into the left work area, in order to form a "work line".
    Here introduces part tools, as the game further, will be more and more:
    Base power, will provide the foundation power, in his top of clicking a mouse open or shut off the power. When the power supply in the open position, must first close to move again tools.
    Conductor, will play a role electricity, other need electricity to activate tools, it is to should be and wire connection, and charged to start.
    Target switch, make the switch after electrify, will pass.
    The light bulb, after electrify will create light, and position in straight line if solar generator, can will light energy into electricity.
    Solar energy hair appliances, light can accept after into electricity.
    The water, after electrify can produce water.
    The hydraulic generators, water through the time can power generation, obviously, this is and
    Kettle, after electrify began to boil water, can produce steam, the mouse click can change direction. Steam by the wind will deviate from the direction.
    The steam generator, a steam can produce the electricity through.
    Fan, produce wind, the mouse click can change direction.
    The wind generator, after receiving the wind will produce electricity.
    Iron tools can be adsorption come over, the mouse click can change direction.

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