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    Fat Owl

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    Meet Fat Owl!... she is very, very clumsy!

    Fat Owl is a new puzzle game for your android devices. You need to help Fat Owl find the nest for her baby chicks by progressing through the many exciting levels and worlds. In each level, set up the given items (like bounce bricks, magnets, rope and blocks) in order for Fat Owl's egg to reach the nest and rescue her baby birds. Once you figure how to get the egg to the nest, try to also get the three stars in each level as well! If you manage to get all three stars too, She will be a very happy owl!

    -Get exciting items such as sticks and floating bubbles!

    -Three full worlds with constant, regular updated worlds!

    -Use the level's bounce bricks, blocks and magnets to help you on your way!

    -Tons of puzzles included!

    Perfect for anyone from kids to adults, for short bus trips or long rides.

    Fat Owl will be angry if you don't save her chicks, so help out!