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    by: Sudhir Agarwal 14 9.4

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    Flow Puzzle is a very addictive game.
    The objective of the game is to connect the bubble of same color making sure that all the boxes in teh grid are occupied... Yes... You cannot leave any cell blank...
    That makes the game more interesting...

    The goal of the game is to connect each pair of matching colors with a continuous flow and to fill the entire board.
    For example, connect one red marker to the other red marker as shown below.
    Paths can go horizontally, vertically, or change directions. However, paths cannot cross, move diagonally, or pass through the colored markers.

    A puzzle level is solved when every pair of matching colors is connected and all squares of the board are filled.

    If you want additional challenge, try playing with larger boards or more difficult level packs.


    There are 2 primary game modes - Feel Flow and Time Flow.

    In the Feel Flow mode, you can complete levels one at a time at your own pace.

    In Time Flow mode, you race against the clock to complete as many levels as you can of a certain size in the selected amount of time.


    Some levels are locked as indicated by a lock icon in the background. This means that you need to complete the previous level in order to unlock and play that particular level.

    When you complete a level with a perfect score, there will be a yellow star in the background for that level. If you complete a level, but did not do so perfectly with the minimum number of moves, the level number will show a green check mark.
    Once you have completed a level, you can revisit it any time to either play again or to view the solution. You can view the solution by clicking on the green light bulb in the upper-right-hand corner of the screen.

    AutoPath allows you to more quickly complete flow connections by choosing the shortest path between the points you touch.
    Show Letters allows you to see letter pairs in addition to colors which can either be a fun new way to play as well as assist those who have trouble differentiating certain colors.

    If the Dynamic Background is distracting, you can also turn it on/off. The same is true for sounds.
    Finally, you can also choose which type of cursor you want to use: Circle or Simple.

    Salient features
    1) There are around 900 different options for the games
    2) The game start with simple level and difficulty goes on increasing
    3) You have multiple packs to select from
    4) Multiple Grids to select from (5x5, 6x6, 7x7, 8x8 and 9x9),
    5) Attractive color and simple sound...

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