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    go go egg ! 挫咧蛋

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    Welcome to GoGoEgg! Catch as many eggs as possible!
    It is fun, incredibly easy to learn, and tests your reaction speed. Play it anytime, anywhere! Click on download to play.

    The main characters are Stingy Chook, the Duck That Thinks He's a Dog, Fluffy Goose, and Fearless Ostrich. You control the egg box tilting your screen left or right. Are you ready for the challenge? Let’s look at the two modes of play in the game.

    Game Play
    There is a stage mode and a point mode. Tilt the screen left or right to control the direction of the egg box. Fast reaction times and good hand-eye coordination are your most important skills. Remember: do not to catch 3 black bombs or it’s game over!

    Stage Mode
    There are a dozen eggs in a box. A full box of eggs counts towards the total number of eggs needed to complete a stage. When you have filled up a box, it disappears from the screen and is replaced by a new box. When you catch enough eggs, you go to the next stage. There are 15 stages in all. The stages increase in difficulty to push your reaction time to the limit!
    Remember do not to catch poop, because all the eggs in the box get dirty! Also, avoid the black bombs, if you catch three, then it’s game over! Avoid falling rocks as they can break your eggs!

    Point Mode
    In point mode there are no stages, you are challenged to catch as many eggs as possible. Avoid the black bombs, if you catch three, then it’s game over!

    Are you ready to play GoGoEgg? Download now and let the fun begin!

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