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    For those who love gun and have a special feeling with the guns!
    Speaking of gun, I think everyone both admires it and fear it. People admires it because it can not be touched by anyone. In our dily life, only the policemen or the ones who take the special tasks can own the guns. If others have one, it must be illegal. And people fear it for the reason that it is harmful. In some cases, it can cause death and other bad situation. Therefore, we want to have it and at the same time fear it.
    However, there is a chance here for all the Android users to have experience with various guns. No matter who you are and no matter when it is, you can also have the chance to play with guns if you take with your phone.
    Let your phone become a gun with in a second, Gun Fire can do it!
    Key Features:
    1. Gun Firer is an 100% free App, which make your phone simulate a gun, aiming at giving you a wonderful and exciting gun experience.
    2. There are many types of guns for you to choose, such as Handguns, machine Guns and so on.
    3. Various situations for you to select, such as the back ground of Helicopter, Boat and so on. You can choose one of them for your practice.
    4. Extended and interesting functions waiting for you. This app has added many new weapons for you to practice, such as Sword, slap and so on.

    How to operate this app-Gun Fire?
    1. When you go into this app, following the instructions on the main screen to know how to operate this app generally. For example, if the button for volume up is to Start and volume down to fire. For the Menu button, it is to start again.
    2. Press "Tutorial" to get a brief knowledge of the main functions. There tradings for you to use: First, Training 1 allows to enjoy gun games with different styles of guns. For each type of the guns, you can get the detail information from the web site by clicking the bar Google, YouTube and so on. Second, Training2 is for you to do the shooting with different background, giving you a more real simulation. Third, Training3 is the function added beyond the guns. There are several weapons(slap, sword etc) for you to get more fun and excitement.
    3. Setting is for you to set the game according to your preference.
    4. Share with your friends by Bluetooth, gmail and messaging.

    Do you want to let your phone change into a gun? Catch this chance and give your device this app.
    Please begin your gun-shooting journey from now!
    If you have any problem, let me know by sending me an email.

    Each year thousands of people have lost their lives through gun-related problems. Many of those deaths can be prevented by stricter gun laws. These pages aims to inform you about some issues related to gun control. Guns make it much easier for people to kill or injure someone. That's what guns were designed to do. The availability of a gun made it more likely that impulsive feelings of anger or thoughts of suicide end in either death or serious injury.
    One important problem with keeping guns in the home was that they can cause great danger to the children that either live in or frequently the residence. An estimated 35% of homes with children younger than 18 years reported having at least one gun. This represented more than 22 million children in more than 11 million homes. Many guns were stored in a way that children get a hold of them. An astonishing 43% of households admitted to having at least one unlocked gun, 9% kept guns unlocked and loaded and 4% kept them unlocked, unloaded and stored with ammunition. It is much more important that families realize the dangers associated with guns.

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