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    Learn Halloween characters with this addictive, attractive Halloween Game. Here you’ll find every Halloween character and Learn what is what. Just try it and you love it.
    It is very important for everybody to celebrate at least most of the festivals annually. Especially it is important for children because they have to feel the spirit of each festival. One of the most important festivals is Halloween. There are not many cheerful festivals but Halloween is. Children do not know a lot about this celebration and traditions but special Halloween games can help in this case. Halloween game is designed for small kids up to 7 years.

    There are 100 levels in this game. Once the previous is passed it is possible to play the next one. Also, there are many different cards in this game with different pictures on them. The point of this Halloween game is to press on the card with the particular picture which name is written above. There could be some elements which reflect Halloween traditions, Halloween costumes or Halloween treats. These elements are such as a carved pumpkin, a witch, a crazy doctor zombie, a witch’s black cat, a white and scary ghost, a poisonous black spider, a black fitter mouse, two signs which mean done and failed (right or wrong) respectively ‘V’ and ‘X’ and differently colored candies- yellow, green, red and blue candies. On the top of the screen there is not only the name of element written but also a number which shows how many of particular elements are on the screen. The level is passed only when all the referred elements are found. Each correct element gives you 5 points. In game you have 5 chances to fail, but same game levels can give you additional life.

    Playing this game is very interesting and cheerful because of the elements and colors it has. It is very easy to play if child knows basics of reading and counting. If he does not, family members can help by saying the written world aloud. It is normal that during this game play children can have many questions, for example how a pumpkin or a witch is associated with Halloween. So, it is very important that children could get all the answers to the questions that arise in his mind. In this way he can learn a lot not only about Halloween but also about some elements of life.

    What gamers think about us?
    This Halloween Game is really addictive game; I play it hours with my kids and still we can finish it.

    Halloween lovers:
    I love Halloween to go outside with kid and go and go for trick or treats. But after that it’s fun to play this awesome game and to compete with kid which one gets biggest score.

    Trick or Treat:
    Candies I love them so this game I love too. Then you try it you can’t stop till your reach the end.

    Halloween Witch:
    Have a great time this Halloween Game with our unique picture. Game have unique ideas and it promotes creative for kids!

    Halloween party:
    Check out this fang-tastic Halloween game for kids and make the party go off with a scream. Whether you're hosting a party at your haunted house, or throwing a chilling classroom Halloween party, this ghoulish game for kids will bring even an undead party to life.

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