Our House-Ball hero, Electric Ball, needs your help! Guide him through the neighborhood so he can restore power to all the houses that sit in darkness. Be careful though! There are those who’d do anything to stop him in this charmingly addictive puzzle game. Click “…More” to learn why you should download this App today!

    There isn’t a light on in the whole neighborhood. People are sitting in their homes in darkness, waiting and hoping for someone to come to their rescue. They need a hero. They need Electric Ball!

    Yes, Electric Ball is courageous and up to the challenge but he needs your help to guide him safely through the neighborhood streets. He’ll take care of turning the power back on, you just move him where he needs to go and watch out for anything suspicious!

    There are other, mischievous balls that you might encounter. Could be a steel ball that can demolish houses. Might be a haunting ghost ball or a destructive fire ball. You just never know who you may meet along the way, but keep your eyes peeled because you must protect our hero so he can save everyone from perpetual darkness.

    House-Ball is a charmingly addictive puzzle game that offers you hours of fun. There are a whopping 75 levels to solve in seven different worlds, so you are not going to get bored anytime soon.

    Help Electric Ball move safely where he needs to go by putting up rebounders to guide him. When our hero hits a rebounder, it helps him to know he needs to turn. Not so hard to do in the easy levels but wait until you hit the difficult levels, when the pace and action move fast and furiously. You’re going to have to stay on your toes!

    You will never get stuck on a puzzle with the in built hint system. If you find yourself unsure what the next move is, just press the "?" to give you a clue. It's that easy.

    Check out the fun features in House-Ball:
    * Addictive puzzle game with heaps of charm
    * Simple to use, attractive interface with great art style
    * 7 different worlds to play in
    * 75 levels to solve
    * 30 Achievements to complete
    * Levels ranging from very easy to difficult
    * Hint System, so you will never be stuck on a puzzle!
    * Auto saved solutions (watch your favorite solution again)
    * 5 different Balls to unlock
    * 4 types of Rebounders
    * Fun, quirky sounds
    * Link to Facebook page

    Come on, there’s no time to lose! Electric Ball and the people in the neighborhood need you.

    Download House-Ball now and help save the day.

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