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    Published: 2014-01-31, by Ana Gracia.

    Bring the ball to the ending goal and never fall into the holes

    • Frustrates you in a good way
    • Works well
    • Too much frustration?
    • We've played it before

    "The Hole Challenge"

    Labyrinth 3D is a physics-based puzzle game which seems like a simple casual app but it's actually really challenging.

    Of course, the design and interface of Labyrinth 3D is very simple, but solving each level is actually a hard task which will require concentration and patience.

    Tilt your device to move the ball towards your desired direction and prevent at all costs to make it fall into the black holes, otherwise you will need to start the level all over again.

    Challenge is great and game is fun enough, but it's just too simple and we feel like it could include

    Ajani InfoTech Private Limited is the creator of Labyrinth 3D, a game that grabs inspiration from other similar games and manages to develop a mind-twisting app.

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    by Anna , Appszoom

    Jan 31, 2014


    For a top notch gaming experience,comes a maze game with a tilt – Labyrinth . A game with an emphasis on realistic physics , beautiful graphics and an amazing sound .

    Roll your way past the walls and holes in order to move the ball into the goal .

    Tilt your way through over 220+ exiting levels .

    Levels come in the form of 7 different packages with difficulty increasing sequentially .


    *An accelerometer based sensor game.
    *60 Frames Per Second supported amazingly well.
    *3D simulation when falling into the holes .
    * User can play all the packages FOR FREE, without even buying them .
    *Levels once unlocked remains unlocked .
    *With social network (Facebook) availability, BRAG you score to your friends online .
    *A game which takes very less memory on your handset .

    And MUCH MUCH more .., !!

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