Listillos Eight




    Listillos Eight is a multiplayer game that you can enjoy at any party with friends. You only need your mobile phone with the game, and paper and pencil for each player.

    The goal is to find eight words related to a given topic, rather than the other players. In each round you have 60 seconds to find these eight words, but the round ends if a player finds the eight words before time runs out.

    The interesting thing is that not only must find the eight words. In listillos Eight, it scores only those words that have agreed to write more than one player. Thus, if a word has been written by two players, each one gets two points. If there have been three players, each one will get three points... But if you have been the only person who has written the word, you don’t score.

    Press PLAY and the screen game. The topic you have to write will appear in the gray box when you press the pink circle. So, the time shall begin to run.
    To start a new round, you have to click on NEW TOPIC button.

    You can play all rounds you wish.

    You will find more than 400 topics in this version.